TMP Systems

Africa, Europe, Asia & North America

TMP Systems applies innovative expertise in finance, data and technology to solve complex problems in international development and environmental sustainability. Our priority is discovering, developing and deploying systems that efficiently help people in developing countries and which deliver concrete progress in areas such as climate risk, sustainable land use, human rights, water access and energy.

Earthworm Foundation

Africa, Asia, Europe & Latin America

Earthworm Foundation – formerly known as The Forest Trust – has 20 years of experience in finding solutions to major social and environmental problems that our world is facing today. Earthworm is an expert in educating social engagement specialists: through their Centre for Social Excellence, they have provided in-depth technical training to scores of community engagement professionals working in forestry and agriculture across Africa, Asia and Latin America.


Africa, Asia & North America

Landesa is a global non-profit organization that works with governments, companies, and communities to implement best practices related to land rights and governance, with a focus on emerging markets. Landesa has worked directly with companies to build capacity to undertake and manage land-based investments that are legally and socially sound, to navigate land risks and issues in their value chains, to facilitate relationships built on trust and transparency, and to meet global standards of responsible investment and value chain management—standards we help shape.

Social License Platform

Africa, Asia, Latin America & Middle East

The Social License Platform (SLP) connects businesses to localized expertise to achieve more responsible projects and investments in land. Registered businesses can use the SLP to find and hire service providers for a range of environmental and social services, while service providers can use the platform to identify and bid on new projects. The SLP is run by Landesa and TMP Systems, with the help of local partners and the support of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office.


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